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Halie Raspberry Plumlee // 20 // INFP // Pisces // Demi-girl // Panromantic Pansexual // Single

I have a tumblr if anyone wants to follow me :3 <3 I generally follow back but seeing as how some of my interests are different from others, I tend to just look before actually following.

My interests include: Anime (a variety), cartoons (a variety) and music (a variety). During my free time I like watching Kpop music videos or watching anime that I need to catch up on. Feel free to message me. I'm fairly nice.

Jhope1 by joadniBTS logo - stamp by kas7ia.:Cryle:. by ParadoxPandahStamp Girls and Books by BluelilouI Want A Heartless - Stamp by LenaLawlietDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Raito by LaraLeeLUnashamed Stamp: Music by KisayaMystHonesty Stamp by genkistampsDemyx Stamp by Niji-iroStocking Stamp by Kitten-Friend

Name: Peyton West
Nickname(s) : Peyo
Meanings of both : x
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age/Birthday/Place: 18/Unknown/NYC
World/Country/Realm: My Earth
Element: x


Height/Weight/Build: 5'7/155/Not very muscular
Blood/Whatever: Normal
Posture/Movements: Normal
Skin: Lt tan
Hair: Green, originally brunette
Eyes: Brown
Other facial information: x
Expressions: Varies with mood
Unique Physical Features:  x
Glasses/Contacts: x
Right/Left handed: Right
Birthmarks: x
Piercings: Snake bites and his nose
Scars: One on his neck,and one on his thigh 
Tattoos: x
Other distinguishing features: x
Typical Clothing: Dark colors, mostly tees and jeans(wears skirts/dresses when crossdressing)
Jewelry: x
Weapons: x
Other Accessories: x
Hygiene: He keeps himself clean
Anything else: x


Voice: (I can't think of an example atm)
How they speak: Very flirtatiously and sweetly
Habits: Running fingers through his hair/Celine's hair, tugging at clothes
Food: Likes "junk" food (ie pizza, hot dogs, soda etc)
Sleep: Sprawled out, blankets everywhere
Morals: (back to you)
Taboos: x
Overall Personality: Gentlemanly and respectful
Hopes/Dreams/Etc: He wants to prove to Celine that she is beautiful the way she is; he wants to make her happy
Fears/Phobias/Etc: Loosing Celine or Siria
Beliefs/Affiliations/Etc: Women have as much or even more worth than men, equality
Areas of knowledge: Crossdressing and singing


First Impression: That he's an emo who cares about himself
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Family: A mother, father left when he was young
Friends: Mainly Siria and Celine, when he's older he is slightly friends with James
In-Love: Celine
Children: x
Enemies: x
Other "Human" Relations: x
Pets/Any other non-'human' relations: x


Back-story: He was bullied constantly as a child and called names like fag, woman and gay. He tracked the days that he was bullied(straight) and ended with about 50 constant at one point. The bullying intensified when he was in eighth grade. He had died his hair green and started to date Celine around this time. He never felt comfortable as a male and began dressing like a woman. He never told anyone except Celine, Siria and his mother. When he was 15, he was beaten by one classmate and hospitalized. The man was misogynistic and ended up raping Celine when she was 14. Peyo had someone take care of the man when he found out. Now at eighteen, he lives with Celine and her mother.
Traumas: Being beaten by his classmate, learning that Celine was raped and when he first learned of Celine and Siria's scars
Happiness: Meting Siria and Celine
Goals: To make Celine feel better about herself
Diseases/Injuries: x

The Rest

Skills/Talents/Etc: He's very soft spoken and has a way with younger children
Powers: x
Other forms: x
Weaknesses: He is flinches a lot for many different reasons and tends to cry a lot
Hobbies: He collects colorful rocks, and fixing broken toys
Job: x
Likes: Colors, clothes, skirts, art
Dislikes: Misogynists, unfair teachers

Creators Stuff 

Character Symbol(s): Cloud(since Siria is the Sun and Celine is the moon)
Character Theme Song(s): (I'll get back to you on that one)
Any other representations or such: x
Anything else you'd like to add: He is very proud about his cross-dressing and does it for himself. He doesn't plan to use it to his advantage or anything like that.

Characters are all mine
Template is not c:

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